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Texas Connects Us: Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

While North Texans weren't directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey, the storm certainly stirred up an awakening.

Many businesses and churches are raising money and collecting donations to send down to Houston, to help victims.    

At Valley Creek Church in Lewisville, volunteers are working to fill more boxes.

"It's going to have diapers, pull ups, wipes, the works," said one volunteer.

Whether it's toiletries, food or brand new clothes, each box is filled with more than just necessities. The volunteers make sure each one is packed with love.

"There's something that happens whenever you get to do something like this, " said campus pastor Ben Moreno.  "It's like there's something in your heart that is awakened.  It's like you are awakened to the purpose of why we are here, it's to love one another, to love your neighbor."

Valley Creek has turned its Next Steps center into a central hub for Harvey relief.

"We felt there was a huge call to action whenever hurricane Harvey hit, " Moreno added.

He's been blown away by the generosity of others as 2,000 volunteers helped sort and pack all the donations.

For Stacy Russell, it's much bigger than just giving her time.

"As we're teaching our girls at home about God and serving others, what better way to do this first hand then to come here and see what people have donated and see what people have done, " she said.

The church's offices look like war rooms, with maps and diagrams to strategize where the donations will go.

So far, six semi-trucks, with more than 2,700 boxes have gone out.

Matt Nelson drove the first truck down to Houston.

"Whether you're dry or wet, rich or poor, no matter where you are in the world, you can help and you can make a difference, " he said.

This is what church looks like. Giving and receiving.

"We keep sending out truck loads and it's still full of donations, and I love that," Moreno added.  "That's connecting Texas."

Click here to see the items Valley Creek Church is collecting. The church hopes to send one truck down to Houston each day until Sept. 15.

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