Texas Connects Us: Golfing With Dad

Do you remember what you were doing when you were 9 years old?

Most of us were just trying to become better readers and spellers at school.

But 9-year-old Avery Zweig of Dallas is mastering the game of golf.

"She's literally a seasoned veteran when it comes to knowing what shots to hit on the course," said her coach, C.J. Goecks.

Zweig is currently the number-one ranked golfer in the world for her age.

Over the past four years, she's competed in nearly 200 tournaments and Avery won more than half of them.

Keep in mind, she's only in third grade, but she already has goals.

"I want to go to Allen High School and then go to Stanford University, get on the LPGA tour and be the first woman to win at the Masters, " Avery said.

Her dad, Ivan, is her caddie.

"I had parents that showed me whatever you want to do, set your mind to it," Ivan said.

"He pushes me, but again, when I see the big picture, it turns out well," Avery added.

This daddy-daughter duo has no plans of slowing down.

"She's my ringer," Ivan chuckled.

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