Texas Connects Us: Giving Beyond the Game

There's something special about the pageantry of college football.

Campuses across the country can't wait for the weekend, and no one knows the stakes more than a coach's wife.

"Come Saturday morning, it's on," joked Kelsey Patterson, wife of TCU head football coach Gary Patterson. "Yeah, for three hours, you want to beat them."

The devastation left by recent hurricanes got Kelsey thinking, what if she connected with her rivals to help provide relief.

"People in Houston and Florida and Puerto Rico are still in need," she said.

So, she reached out to other coaches' wives.

"The response was immediate. It was positive, everybody wanted to help," she recalled.

The campaign is called 'Giving Beyond The Game.'

Wives representing football programs from all five power conferences are on board.

"Shelley Meyer, with Ohio State, immediately responded back that they wanted to help," she said. "Kathleen Swinney, at Clemson, so we've got a wide variety of people participating."

As word spreads, more schools are expected to join the cause.

"I didn't leave anybody out," Kelsey added. "I want everybody to have an opportunity to do it."

The goal is to raise as much money as they can to support hurricane relief efforts in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico.

They may be bitter rivals on game day, but this is much bigger than football.


Giving Beyond The Game

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