Texas Connects Us: Fort Worth Artist Gives the Gift of Color at Union Gospel Mission

When times get tough, it can be easy to lose sight of beauty. But one Fort Worth artist is bringing that gift to people who've lost everything else, including a home.

The days are full for Candie Harmon, working in the kitchen, showing her love through food and learning to love herself through prayer.

When she first came to Fort Worth's Union Gospel Mission six months ago, she couldn't see the colors around her.

"Gray. Yes, very gray, very dark. Very dark place," Harmon said.

She's is a survivor of domestic violence, and after a recent accident lost her job.

"And I just couldn't keep it up at that point," Harmon said. "The bills were coming in and the rent was due."

She didn't want to come to a homeless shelter. But slowly her vision started to change.

"This blue, it just fills me with happiness," Harmon said, pointing to a painting on the shelter wall.

It's the gift of color, straight from artist Suzan Cook's heart.

She donated 15 paintings and one sculpture to the Union Gospel Mission. So that everywhere they turn, residents there see beauty.

"I am a praying person, so I put it to prayer," Cook said. "What do I do, how can I help? I'm just one insignificant person, and it's always been use your talent."

On Wednesday, one half met the other, sharing the stories behind the work.

"The peace, the calm, asleep under the stars, and this is what I've been wanting, and I have that now," Harmon said. "This is a woman that's bringing joy and peace and beauty throughout where I live now."

And learning just how connected they already were.

"I'm beginning to realize it has impacted someone," Cook said."“It might just be Candie and I pray there are others, but it's working."

Beauty as therapy. Art as a way back to a better life.

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