Texas Connects Us: Dine With Elvis

People usually come for the food at Roanoke's Dove Creek Cafe, but on Tuesday nights, they stay for Elvis.

James Wages is an Elvis Presley tribute artist. Call him something else and he gets all shook up.

"There's a difference between an impersonator and a tribute artist," Wages said. "We're professional."

At the cafe, customers eat, dance and sing along with Wages as he belts out Elvis hits. People reserve tables just to watch him perform.

"I got one world title, a second place world title, five national titles," Wages said of his accomplishments. "Hey, I'll go where the work is, man."

"This is about the 100th time I've been here," joked customer Bobbie Coffman. "He just makes us feel good when he sings and dances."

The music stirs up old memories for Elvis fans.

"I used to sneak out of school and go watch Elvis," Jean Howard said.

Wages has been wowing customers at Dove Creek Cafe for eight years.  It started as a simple audition and he has no plans to leave the building.

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