Texas Connects Us: Blogging Coffee With the Boykins

Sometimes, sisters share the same interests. For the Boykin girls of McKinney, it's coffee!

"We started loving coffee when we were about three years old," said Allie Boykin, the eldest sister. "Our grandma would always give us coffee. Our parents didn't always know about it."

These days, it's less about the blend and more about the environment. They're always searching for something different.

"Not like a Starbucks," Allie added. "Just something unique."

"We went to Jacob's Well in Wimberly, Texas," Kaylee Boykin said.

They chronicle their adventures in a blog called Coffee Over Tejas.

"Just see Texas towns and everything we have to offer, " Allie explained.

It's a way for the sisters to connect with other coffee lovers.

Allie is a senior at Texas A&M University.

"I write all of the blogs," she said. "I love writing, so I really enjoy doing that."

Her middle sister, Madison Boykin, is in college, too.

"I take pictures for all of the blogs," Madison said.

Kaylee Boykin, the youngest, is still in high school.

"I do the video editing part of it," she said.

Most kids her age are worried about, "boys, Snapchat, school, sports," Kaylee joked.

Kaylee is focused on the next post, because these girls know the most memorable stops offer more than just a drink.

"My favorite one is the first one we did," Madison said. "It's in Livingston. It's called the Bull Shack, and the people made it for their son who has autism, so he always has a job."

"It was really sweet, to see how the community was united because of that coffee shop," Allie said.

They plan to tour other parts of our state, looking for more great stories.

"There's already places that I want to go, like Marfa, Texas," Allie said.

Of course, they'll enjoy a nice cup of coffee along the way.

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