Oak Cliff Hat Maker Has Kentucky Derby Goers Looking Tip Top

All of the hats and fascinators can range from $200 all the way up to $500

An Oak Cliff hat shop is working at top speed to get local clients ready for this weekend’s Kentucky Derby.

Cassie MacGregor, milliner and owner of the House of MacGregor, has been busy since January making about 150 hats.

“My hands definitely need a manicure after all of this,” MacGregor said.

MacGregor makes each of the hats by hand and tailors them specifically for each client.

“I feel like I have brides in some way. For a lot of people it’s a bucket list thing. They’ve always wanted to do it, and a lot of emotion goes into it,” she said.

Depending on the client, MacGregor can spend up to eight hours working with them to create the perfect hat. She takes into account everything from shape, size, materials and what they are wearing to the event.

“It definitely becomes an intimate process,” she said.

All of the hats and fascinators can range from $200 all the way up to $500. This week she is putting the final touches on the hats before they head off to the main event.

She then plans to take the next week off to rest.

“This is like my tax season…everything is due on the same date,” said MacGregor.

For the rest of the year, MacGregor makes everyday hats to wear, like fedoras and straw hats.

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