Texas Connect Us: The Caterpillar Invasion

Have you noticed a caterpillar invasion in your neighborhood?

Our wet winter and spring has led to even more caterpillars than usual.

There's one creepy insect that seems to be bugging a lot of people.

"I was walking and apparently one of those things came down on my shoulder. It fell off but I didn't really realize it until I got home. " said Mere Zhana. "You should have seen me! I really freaked out and was jumping around trying to kick it out of my apartment."

In Texas this time of year the moth caterpillars are out in full force.

"They come out in huge numbers in order to over inundate the predators so they can't all be eaten, " said John Watts, entomologist with Texas Discovery Gardens. "This is the time predators start reproducing, especially birds."

They're harmless. They don't sting or bite, but people always ask why they seem to attack our trees.

"They're eating machines, " Watts joked. "So they just keep eating and pooping and growing. The trees will just put out new growth once the caterpillars are gone."

They should all disappear by the end of next month. Until they return next year and stir up the same concerns.

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