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Texas Baptist Men Volunteers Spend Summer Repairing Damage From Winter Storm

The Texas Baptist Men are camping out at a Crowley church to help rebuild after the February winter storm burst pipes

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The sounds of drills and saws echoed through the hallways of a building on the First Baptist Church-Crowley property on Tuesday morning.

"This is mission work at its finest," Curt Neal of the Texas Baptist Men said. "They provide us with an opportunity to serve."

The church is one of several in North Texas that the Texas Baptist Men have been working in, free of charge, to help rebuild after February's cold winter storm burst pipes and caused flooding.

"I mean, we went from bare wall to closed up sheetrock in a matter of 12-hours," youth pastor Keith Warren said.

Warren was first to see the damage in February after the sprinkler system pipes froze and burst.

"It was like you were standing under the best shower you've ever stood under," Warren said looking at the water-stained ceiling tiles. "It was ridiculous."

Volunteers with the Texas Baptist Men have been camping out at the church; sleeping on cots, eating their meals, doing their laundry, and taking showers in a mobile unit parked outside the church.

"I don't love the disaster," Neal said. "I love helping people."

The church estimates the free labor saved them $30,000.

"They are literally the essence of the hands and feet of Jesus," Warren said, getting teary-eyed. "Going and serving communities, going and helping people...through crisis."

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