Texas Actor Recreates ‘Star Trek' Show in 11 New Episodes

A Texas actor has perfectly recreated the look and feel of the original Star Trek show and is bringing it to a Dallas audience this weekend.

Vic Mignogna calls the project his "love letter to Star Trek." 

His team rebuilt the original sound stage and he plays Captain Kirk himself.

The show is called Star Trek Continues. It has 11 episodes that will carry on and finish out the Enterprise crew's original five-year mission.

It's meant to act as a bridge between the 1960s TV show and the first of the Star Trek movies. 

The eighth episode debuts this weekend at the Dallas Fan Expo, a science fiction convention at the Dallas Convention Center. 

The expo starts Friday, March 31, and goes through Sunday, April 2.

All the completed episodes are free to watch on the Star Trek Continues website.

The show is a non-profit production.

Mignogna says the crew is recreating the series just for the "love of Star Trek." 

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