Barbara Bush

Texans Remember Barbara Bush at George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Former First Lady Barbara Bush is being honored both inside and outside the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Students placed flowers outside of the building. There were also flowers in front of a case protecting a suit Mrs. Bush wore, in the First Ladies exhibit. Visitors received white ribbons to wear, and there was a book for condolences. Barbara Jones of Richardson signed it. She drove in from Sherman because she wanted to be there today.

“She had such grace and elegance about her, and the way she raised her family was very admirable,” said Jones.

Many others visitors also came specifically today to honor Mrs. Bush’s life.

“I decided to wear my pearls today in honor of her. She was such a beautiful strong woman,” said Deedra Scherm of Richardson.

Scherm brought her son with her.

“It is important for me to honor someone that I really respected, and it is important for me to see my child recognize what you can do in the world when you put other people first like Barbara did,” she added.

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