Texans Hold a Record and Crown in Honor of Fruit

Credit: Food Network Magazine

Fruit Art
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Texans love their fruit, and they celebrate it in very unique ways.

The July/August issue of Food Network Magazine (on stands June 24) features ten wacky ways that Americans are celebrating their favorite fruit. One way a local Texan celebrates fruit is by holding the watermelon seed-spitting record of 75 feet 2 inches.

Jason Schayot earned the Guinness Book Record for the longest watermelon seed spit in 1995 at the De Leon Peach and Melon Festival. Since then, his three daughters have given the seed-spitting a shot, but remain unsuccessful in beating their father.

The festival will celebrate its 100th year this August.

Other fruit-filled festivals in Texas include the 25th Annual What-A-Melon Festival, the McDade Watermelon Festival, and the 25th Annual Hempstead Watermelon Festival.

Contests, expositions, and dozens of events involving fruit take place all over the state. Texas even has its own Watermelon Queen. This year’s title was awarded to Kendall Nicole Duke.

For more fruit-filled information visit www.foodnetwork.com.

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