Texan is Washington's Kin

SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- A genealogy Web site says it's found the man who would be king -- that is, if the U.S. had a king.
The man is 82-year-old Paul Emerson Washington of San Antonio.

Ancestry.com says that if George Washington had become a monarch instead of the first president, the retired regional manager for a building supply company would most likely be king today out of about 8,000 possibilities.
George Washington had no children, but he did have an older half brother Augustine and a younger brother Samuel. Many descendants died young or as lifelong bachelors. Other Washington descendants had only daughters.
Paul's son, Bill, says his father now spends his days caring for his wife, who has Alzheimer's disease. He says Paul Washington is honored but completely unpretentious about his would-be crown.
Bill Washington, who's a 54-year-old bookseller, says George Washington made the right decision, allowing himself to be elected president.

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