Texan Turns Air Into Water

Record breaking high temperatures and drought conditions are making water an even more valuable resource this summer. One inventor has come up with a possible solution to the state’s water woes.

Terry Lebleu has invented a machine called the Drought Master. Depending on the humidity, it can make between five to seven gallons of pure water in a day. All someone has to do is plug it in.
"It pulls the air through it, pulls out the moisture, and exhausts the air,” said LeBleu of his invention.
Some pretty well-known celebs use the drought buster, including Gov. Rick Perry and singer Willie Nelson, who owns 50 of them.
"It is good emergency water. Lets say the power goes out of whatever. Once this thing fills up, it cuts off. It has a bubbler inside that keeps the water moving all the time,” explained LeBleu.

Drought Masters run more quietly than refrigerators and its filter only needs cleaned every few years. It takes only a couple of hours to put together, according to LeBleu, and he said his oldest model is still running well after a decade. 

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