“First Phone” Speeds Up Shopping

Technology ushers in turn-key service

For contractors and do-it-yourself types, time really is money.

That's why Natasha Neidhart is busy testing out a mobile device at Home Depot to get what her customers want as fast as they want it.

"They just want to get in, get their stuff and get out and not sit here and wait in line, wasting their time," said Neidhart.

The device that is helping customers speed up their shopping experience is called First Phone. It looks like a combination brick phone and GPS device.

The contraption can act as a computer to see what products are in stock, it can call other stores, page employees and even act as a cashier for customers paying with credit or debit cards.

Charles Wheeler was shopping at the store and said anything to get him in and out of the store faster will earn his business.

"I'd come here instead of going across the street to a competitor. I'd come here so I can get my stuff and get out," said Wheeler.

Neidhart mentioned that the store has about 20 of the First Phones in operation. She said they keep the lines short during busy times and keep associates open to help customers, instead of looking for information in the back of the store. 

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