Jack Highberger

Terrell Police Search For Dog That Attacked Eight Kids

Terrell Police are searching for a brown dog they say attacked eight children waiting for the school bus on May 10 outside the Heather Lane Apartments.

According to police, investigators held off on releasing information on the attack to allow space to conduct the investigation. The location of the dog and its owner remains unknown.

"It came up to me and just bit me on the leg, yeah it was scary," 3rd grader Jayla Wilson, who was among those bitten said.

Terrell Police said when they arrived the dog was gone. According to police, the ages of the children attacked ranges from five to 11.

A surveillance camera at the Heather Lane Apartments caught the attack on video and according to police a bus driver helped to fight the dog off.

"He stopped, got out to help, tried to get the dog off one of the kids I believe one of the kids was drug by this dog," Corporal Zach Boyd with the Terrell Police Department.

Police hope to capture the dog and test it for rabies. Wilson's mother said she is concerned the dog is still out there.

"It's a big concern because a dog running around like that, imagine the kids that's in danger now," Akia Henry said.

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