Residents Pushed Out of East Dallas Apartment Complex Given More Time to Find New Home

The Bryan Song Apartments are being torn down for a new, high-end development

Tenants at an Old East Dallas apartment complex were supposed to move out on Sunday, but have been given more time to find a new home.

Residents at the Bryan Song Apartments were given notices on Dec. 10 that they had to be out of the complex by Feb. 10.

However, residents said they now have about two extra months to move out.

The Bryan Song Apartments are being torn down to make room for a new, high-end development.

Many residents were moving out of the apartments Sunday when NBC 5 stopped by the complex.

Chirstyal Rogers said she has lived at the apartment for about a year and a half.

Rogers said most of the tenants are either low-income or have federal housing vouchers.

She said she was relieved to have more time to move out, but said she still didn't know where she was going to live next.

"I feel wonderful about it, because if not, a lot of people would be displaced right now," Rogers said.

Rogers also said she wished she had more money to help her relocate.

According to her, residents would receive $500 if they move out by April 1 and $250 if they move out later.

She said she was working with the Texas Tenant's Association to try to get a bill in place to change current laws.

"I'm at least trying to get it where it's at least 180 days notice, or at least $2,000 compensation before a person is uprooted from where they live," Rogers said.

NBC 5 reached out the development company who bought the complex, and had not heard back as of 5 p.m. Sunday.

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