Temperature Drop Causes Spike in HVAC Repair Calls

Heaters across North Texas are getting their first test of the season, and some of them are not passing. Since the temperature has dropped, HVAC repair calls have gone up.

When Hannah Casio turned on the heater Thursday morning at her Fort Worth home for the first time this year she didn't notice anything wrong at first.

"I got home from work and it was about 60 degrees in my house," Casio said.

Her house had an odor of burned plastic.

"The panel started smoking," she said.

"It's a very busy time of year," said Fort Worth Air Conditioning technician James Stewart. "My day starts before I can get out of bed. Last night I did't get in until 8, 9, and the night before last it was almost 11."

Stewart was working on the heating system in the Casio's attic long after dark. He said it's hard to keep up with the number of calls requesting service for heaters that aren't working.

"I try to get to as many people as I possibly can in a day's period of time," Stewart said. "I sometimes feel like Superman, but I'm not!"

Stewart said the best time to have a heater checked is before it gets cold.

"They wait until the temperature starts dropping off and they turn the heat on and then they don't have it," Stewart said. "Sometimes you can't get to them all. There's only so much time in a day."

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