Teenager Shot During House Party

A teenage girl is the emergency room after being shot in the head and neck at a house party early Thursday morning.

Police say the shooting happened on Trailwood Drive in Forest Hill around midnight.

The party's host, 17-year-old TJ Johnson, told NBC5 that the party got out of control. He said he didn’t know many of the people who showed up at his house.

Johnson estimated “more than 20” people were at the party when a fight started. A few seconds later, he heard gunshots.

“All of a sudden, guns firing go off. There’s more gun sounds. I ran outside right here and I see a girl hit the ground and somebody’s like, ‘She got hit!’ Everybody’s screaming, ‘Call the ambulance! Call the ambulance!’” he said.

Police say the 18-year-old girl was grazed by a bullet in the head. Eyewitnesses told NBC5 she was also shot in the neck.

According to police, the teenagers ran away and scattered when officers arrived. Officers are trying to track down additional witnesses. Authorities have not identified a suspect.

The condition of the teenager is unknown, but police say she was conscious while being treated by paramedics.

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