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Vigil Honors Fort Worth Teen Killed in Crash Near TCU

Fort Worth police are still looking into a possible street racing incident that ended in tragedy near the TCU campus.

A vigil to honor the victim is being held at 8 p.m. Wednesday at Paschal High School.

The day after he was killed, Nick Delgadillo’s closest friends used their lunch break to pay their respects at the very spot he lost his life just a few from Paschal High School in Fort Worth.

Flowers and blue ribbons now surround the tree where Delgadillo crashed Tuesday afternoon. The Paschal junior died at the scene, just one day after his 17th birthday.

“Always kept a smile on our face, he was always a loving person,” said Frank Saldivar, his cousin.

“You go to school with the kid and you know you love him and him going away just hurts you,” said Denise Rodriguez, another junior.

Based on their initial investigation, Fort Worth police say Delgadillo and another driver were racing when he lost control on McCart avenue. The other driver was not hurt and remains under investigation.

“That does not sound like him. That's not my cousin right there and I know he was not racing and that hurts me because I know that was not him,” Saldivar said.

They're still looking into how fast he was going, but his Saldivar believes another car tried to cut him off for a parking spot, causing him to swerve.

“Next thing I know I hear he crashed and it terrifies me man because we're very close,” he said

Saldivar, a Paschal senior, joined others at the McCart memorial. Many fought back tears and left notes to Delgadillo.

“I just put fly high kid, thanks for all the memories you had with us,” Rodriguez said.

It's not just outside, the aching loss is also felt in the halls.

“So many people have been heartbroken the past few days, it's just really hard for everyone to walk through school. Everyone seems really down,” said Emme Krotz, a Paschal sophomore.

Counselors have been speaking to classes and teachers are talking openly about the importance of safe driving, according to several students.

“When you turn 16 you're offered this weapon and it just really makes you think to be careful because you're not only affecting your life, your affecting others,” Krotz said.

It’s a message that seems to be sinking in.

Delgadillo played football and soccer, but friends say they'll remember him most for his smile.

Again, there will be a vigil at Paschal High School at 8 o'clock Wednesday night.

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