Teen Crashes Into Mesquite Home

Police say driver lost control of car while speeding

A Mesquite family's home was left in shambles when a car pummeled into it over the weekend.

A 17-year-old driving with a friend crashed a red Ford Mustang into the Birminghams' home in the 900 block of Rutherford Drive on Saturday afternoon.

"It looks like a tornado was inside my house," Jimmy Birmingham said while cleaning up rubble strewn all over the house.

Police said the 17-year-old was speeding when he lost control and plowed into the house -- leaving a bumper behind.

"I just couldn't believe the devastation," Susie Birmingham said. "My house, it's gone,"

She had left the house just 30 minutes before the crash happened.

"I had an angel," she said. "I was just shocked, [in] disbelief that it could do this much damage."

The Birminghams said three rooms were destroyed -- a bedroom, the living room and a bathroom.

"How am I going to get it back to normal?" Jimmy Birmingham said. "I worked so hard for all of this, and for it to all be destroyed right in front of my eyes is just, it ... hurts."

The 17-year-old driver did not have any serious injuries.

Susie Birmingham said she is thankful that he survived because she lost her son this year.

"Mine's gone," she said. "I put myself in her shoes, you know. 'What if he had been killed in it?' There's nothing worse than losing your son."

As the Birminghams pick up what's left of their dream home, they said they hope the teenager takes responsibility for his actions.

The family is still deciding if it wants to press charges against the driver.

The Red Cross has put them up in a hotel, and they are collecting donations.

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