Teen Killed in 2008 Crash Honored at Baseball Field

High school dedicates baseball field to player's family

Nimitz High School on Tuesday night dedicated its baseball field the family of a student who was killed in a 2008 car crash.

Jerry Hux, a Nimitz varsity baseball player, was 17 years old when he was in a weather-related wreck near MacArthur Boulevard and Hunter Ferrell Road in Irving.

His mother, Tammy Hux, described her son as very affectionate.

"I always got me the hug and kiss in front of his friends," she said. "His friends would laugh at him, and he would go, 'That's my mom. That's my best friend. I'm giving her that kiss. You could laugh if you want to.'"

Krystal Gallatin, his sister, said her brother was in a vehicle with two others when it lost control on a rainy night and crashed into two trees and a telephone pole.

"My dad told me what happened because I asked where he was, and he said, 'He's not here.' And I said, 'Where is he?' And he said, 'He didn't make it,'" she said. "And I remember falling to the ground and my dad holding me."

A memorial still marks the place where the crash occurred. Jerry Hux's name is written on crosses, and a baseball is tied to a telephone pole.

Gallatin said her family tries to stay away from the site but said she is overwhelmed by the knowledge that others are keeping his memory alive.

"You get sad, but then you're like, 'Wow. He knew this many people. He touched this many people's lives. How can one person do that?' You know? It's just amazing," she said.

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