Teen Described Slayings to 911 Operator

Teen tells operator he wanted the deaths to be quick

During a more than 20-minute call to 911, a 17-year-old calmly describes shooting his mother and younger sister to death in their North Texas home.

Jake Evans told the Parker County 911 operator early Thursday morning: "It's weird. I wasn't even really angry with them."

Authorities say he shot his mother, 48-year-old Jami Evans, and his 15-year-old sister, Mallory, at the family's upscale home near Aledo, about 20 miles west of Fort Worth.

He told the operator it "just kind of happened" and said he'd "been kind of planning on killing for a while now."

When the operator asked if he'd planned on killing them or "just anybody," Jake Evans replied: "Pretty much just anybody."

Evans told the operator he thought it would be quick.

"I didn't want them to feel any pain; that's why I used a gun," he said.

A short time later, Parker County sheriff's deputies arrived at the Evans' family home in Annetta and took him into custody without incident.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said Evans has discussed on occasion while in jail what has been bothering him but has said nothing specific about the slayings.

Fowler said Evans is not on a suicide watch, but his staff has been instructed to monitor Evans' health.

Evans' father was out of town on business when the killings took place, police said. NBC 5 has been told that the father has raced home from Washington, D.C.

The family has two other daughters who were not home at the time of the killings. One of the daughters was scheduled to come home from college this weekend for a visit.

Evans has been charged with capital murder and is jailed without bond. He reportedly has told jail staff that he does not want any visitors. His father and his siblings had not visited him at the jail as of Friday evening.

Evans did not have an attorney as of Friday evening.

Loved ones at Evans' home declined to comment on the case Friday.

NBC 5's Ellen Goldberg and Randy McIlwain contributed to this report.

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