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Teen Charged in Fort Worth Man's Stabbing Death: Police

Fort Worth police have charged a teenager with homicide in the death of a man who was found stabbed and struck by a vehicle Sunday.

Garland Patton, 19, was arrested Sunday night, according to police, after a patrol officer noticed him drive past the crime scene in the 3500 block of Park Lake Drive.

Officers had been called there earlier for a report of someone having been hit by a car.

When police arrived, paramedics were already helping to resuscitate the victim, Samuel Bailey, 54, of Fort Worth.

Paramedics advised the officers that Bailey appeared to have numerous stab or puncture wounds on his body, including his face and head, in addition to the injuries he suffered that appeared to be from being hit by a car, according to police.

Soon after Sunday night's incident, a Fort Worth patrol officer guarding the perimeter of the crime scene witnessed Patton drive past in a vehicle matching a description of the suspect's vehicle given to investigators by witnesses, police said Wednesday.

When the patrol officer stopped Patron's vehicle, he "immediately noticed evidence that the suspect vehicle was possibly involved in the offense," police said.

There is no known connection between the victim and the suspect, according to detectives.

There was some sort of altercation between the victim and the suspect which caused the victim's death, police said.

Bailey was considered to be the "unofficial neighborhood watchman," according to a neighbor, and the type of person who would not likely engage in a fight with a teenager.

Bailey's official cause of death is still under investigation by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office.

Patton is a husband and a father of a 5-month-old girl. His wife, Corina Patron-Patton, spoke to NBC 5 at their home Wednesday.

"[The police] won't tell us anything," Patron-Patton said, frustrated at the lack of information she said she has access to. "But this doesn't sound like him. Garland is a good person."

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