“Gran Torino” Teen Asks Victims for Forgiveness

Admitted Parker Co. burglar asks victims for forgiveness

It's like a scene from Clint Eastwood's latest, Gran Torino -- A 17-year-old admitted burglar in Parker County issued an unusual apology for his crimes Thursday and asked his victims to forgive him.

"I'd like to apologize for what I've done," said Sherman Miers, a student at Aledo High School. "I feel really bad."

Miers and a 16-year-old friend broke into six cars and four houses in the past few weeks, startling sleeping residents, said Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler.

The two fled when homeowners awoke, the sheriff said.

Miers said he doesn't remember much because he blacked out after taking a number of prescription pills used to treat anxiety and depression.

"I had some idea, but it's all a blur," he said. "I've kind of had a little drug problem."

Miers was arrested after a surveillance camera recorded him breaking into a neighbor's car.

"There for a couple days, they just went on a spree," Fowler said.

He said the teenagers were lucky they weren't shot.

"Suppose a homeowner had a gun," Fowler said. "They would have been perfectly justified in blowing them out of their socks."

Miers said he has never been in trouble with police before and wanted his victims to know he regrets what he did.

"I'm just a kid, and kids make mistakes," he said. "But if you guys need any help getting your stuff back, I'll help you. I'll clean up your yards and do anything to help you out and get my trust back."

At 17, the justice system considers Miers an adult. His 16-year-old friend is considered a juvenile, and his name was not released.

Miers also said he plans to get treatment for his drug problem.

His parents said they approved of his public apology.

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