Teen Baseball Tournament Brings the Heat

Triple-digit temperatures are no match for the Mickey Mantle World Series, now running in McKinney

Thursday's triple-digit heat had baseball fans running for the shade at the Mickey Mantle World Series in McKinney.

"We're heading for a swimming pool right after this," said Scott Reynolds, a baseball fan visiting from Michigan.

Organizers of the prestigious tournament, which is in its 17th year, say they're used to dealing with North Texas summer weather. Last year, the temperature hovered around 108 degrees during most days of play.

"These kids are used to playing -- they travel all over the country," said David Gunter, tournament director.

But because some of the 16-year-olds are from cooler climates such as Michigan or Canada, coaches and staff pull players exhibiting symptoms of dehydration, coaches and staff from the game.

Dugouts are also stocked and restocked with water and Gatorade and have massive fans.

In the weeks prior to tournament play, tournament organizers also emphasize to teams that they must hydrate consistently.

Tama Frison, who traveled with her son from Ann Arbor, Mich., said her family is heeding that advice.

"We even started probably about a week ago, getting hydrated, making sure he's drinking plenty of water," she said.

The Mickey Mantle World Series continues through the weekend.

Two teams from Dallas are also in contention for the title.

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