Teen Accused of Kidnapping, Attacking Two Women

Abductions took place in Kiest Park, police say

An 18-year-old man was jailed Monday on charges he kidnapped two women in Kiest Park and sexually assaulted one of them.

Israel Tovar approached the women as they sat in a parked car on the 3000 block of South Hampton Road Sunday afternoon, asking if he could borrow a mobile phone, police said.

When the women refused, he pulled out a gun and sexually attacked one of the women, according to police.

The Dallas Morning News obtained details of the allegations from Tovar’s arrest record.

According to an officer’s sworn statement, Tovar forced the women to withdraw money from an ATM. After the women gave Tovar money, he demanded more and wanted to know where they lived.

One of the women offered to drive to a friend’s house in Garland and convinced Tovar to let her go inside the home alone.

She told the friend inside the home what was going on and the friend called 911.

When police arrived, Tovar and the remaining victim drove in reverse for a quarter of a mile before crashing the vehicle.

As one of the victims ran to officers for help, Tovar jumped on a nearby DART train.

Police said he didn’t get away for long. DART officers caught up with Tovar in Downtown Dallas and arrested him.

Tovar has a previous arrest on a marijuana charge.

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