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Teachers Team Up for Schoolwide Day of Energized Learning

Teachers in Frisco joined those from around Texas and the whole world for a different way of capturing their students’ attention.

They used "out of the box" techniques to keep students engaged while learning. It's part of a National campaign called, "Rock Your School."

Reading, Writing, and Neon — they’re the basics at McSpedden Elementary's Rock your School day.

Students in several classrooms dressed up in neon outfits and the educators did the rest, transforming their normal classrooms into a glow party that was still grounded in school work.

"I'm working on a small moment about a birthday party," said student Avery Clay.

It's sounds a lot more exciting than "writing in your journal," but that's what she's doing. And, she's loving every minute.

"Mostly it's really fun. You get to do cool activities with glowing stuff," said student Manasvi Varade.

It is a schoolwide commitment to make this one day as fun and academically challenging as possible.

Math class was set to a Mario Brothers video game and down the hall, 5th graders who have been reading a novel about a boy who survives a plane crash got to dive in.

"We decided to bring the novel to life. You walk through the doors you're on the runway with the plane and each room is like a chapter of the story a major event," said teacher Tricia Elrod.

From learning about the prime meridian to exploring the world, the students dove in and the teachers walked out energized about their jobs.

"I would do this every single day if I could just see their faces and the excitement, it makes it all worth it," said Blakeney Carter.

McSpedden Elementary took part in Rock Your School day for the first time this year. They said it was definitely a success.

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