Teachers and School Staff Train To Carry Guns

Sixteen teachers and school staff members attended a hands on, free pistol training course on Saturday with the intent of preparing them to carry a gun at school.

The event, hosted by Ellis County Sgt. Tim Bulot, took the attendees through the basics of shooting and the intricacies of potentially using a gun in a school setting.

“It starts with just basic essentials like how to present yourself, how to stand, how to present the weapon, how to grip the weapon,” said Bulot.

Among those to attend was Red Oak Social Studies teacher Jennifer Droege.

“Even before there was even talk of teachers having guns in classrooms, I had already thought this through,”said Droege.

Droege and many in attendance said they would support their districts allowing them to carry a gun in school.

Currently, the Texas School Marshall Law allows school boards to approve arming staff that go through state approved training. The law, however, does not allow for teachers to carry the guns and under the law, any staff member with regular contact with students must keep the guns locked up but accessible on campus.

“If does work out to where they are allowed to carry, or some of them are allowed to carry, at least having gone through training like this they’ll be a little ahead of the game,” said Bulot.

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