Teacher's Aide Charged with Sexual Assault of a Child

Girl's mother reports assault to Arlington police

A teacher's aide turned counselor was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child Tuesday.

The mother of a 16-year-old girl told the Arlington Police Department that Juan Clemente Silvas, 25, sexually assaulted her daughter.

The girl's mother reported the assault on Sunday, just two days after Silvas quit his job as a teacher's aide at Kennedale High School.

The victim, whose name is not being released due to her age, attends the school.

Police said the incident occurred "in or around" a south Arlington park located on Treepoint Drive.

According to Tiara Ellis Richard with Arlington Police Department, the relationship may not qualify as an improper relationship between educator and student because Silvas was not employed at the school the teen attended at the time of the assault.

"[Silvas] was not working at the school or a teacher’s aide at the time of the offense which means the improper student teacher relationship does not apply. However, the sexual assault of a child is a higher offense and is the one that best fits this case," said Richard.

At the time of the arrest, Silvas was employed at Hillcrest High School in the Dallas school district but DISD said that Silvas was not actually a district employee.

In an email statement sent to NBC 5, a DISD official said Silvas was "employed by ASP, Academic Success Program, which is an outside vendor to the district. So, while he was assigned to Hillcrest by ASP, he was technically not a district employee and didn't go through our background check. He had reported for his first day at ASP when he was contacted by Arlington Police. He was arrested on Tuesday."

Investigators said there has been no indication of any other victims.

Investigators said they aren't sure how many incidents may have occurred between Silvas and the 16-year-old Kennedale High School student, but if it is learned that this was not the first occurrence between Silvas and the teen then he may face additional charges for an improper relationship.

Silva's arrest comes just months after another high profile case at Kennedale High School. In August, former Kennedale teacher Brittni Colleps was sentenced to five years in prison for having improper sexual relationships with several of her students.

"It is different because [Silvas] is a former employee but it still is a situation where we just have to look at it a little more carefully and be concerned and again looking out for the safety of our students moving forward," said Rick Edwards with Kennedale ISD.

NBC 5's Mola Lenghi contributed to this report.

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