Teacher ‘Multiplies' Her Lesson Reaching More Students at Once

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Some of us just have a mind for math, while others struggle.

If one student raises their hand for help, other students may feel that class is dragging on.

While it can frustrate any student, it's just as hard on teachers.

"As I started talking to the kids, they're like, 'I don't have anyone to help me. I need help. There's not enough tutoring and there's not enough time,'" teacher Jennifer Bailey said.

Bailey tried to get to everyone as much as she could, but there just wasn't enough of her to go around.

That's when she turned to technology for help. Bailey made video lessons of her explaining and working out all the lessons in class.

"I was like that seems pretty cool people can do it at their own level, their own," student Lacy Rogers said.

Making Bailey's job easier is just icing on the cake, what it's really done it help the students master the material because they're able to dial up help when they need it.

"After the first round, I saw kids who struggled before are making gains," said Bailey. "I'm having to come up with some creative ways because they're going so fast.

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