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Teacher Finds Sentimental Way to Connect With Class

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A school is so much more than just a place to learn.

"My whole focus was to create relationships with my students," said Susan Bar-Sela, an art teacher at Brown Middle School in Forney.

“I’ve taught everything from Elementary to English as a second language but my favorite is art,” said Bar-Sela.

Teachers can be like a second parent, guiding little people.

Take that away and it's really hard.

"I can’t tell you how many kids have said 'I just miss being at school,' that’s their life, that’s their job," said Bar-Sela

Since hers is to inspire their hearts, she had to do something, more special than an email.

"I thought sending them a little note that’s hand painted might make their day," said Bar-Sela.

"I never actually took a painting class, and so with this lockdown, I decided I was going to paint."

With her daughter Lily be her side, she sat painting hundreds of works of art.

A little note, each one unique, just for each student.

"Some kids like cartoons, some kids like nature, I try to tailor things to what they like", said Bar-Sela.

Each meticulous stroke helping her and hopefully helping them.    

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