Another Student Claims He Had Sex With Desoto Teacher

A third student comes forward; claims he had sex with Pamela Jones in a hotel.

A teacher at a DeSoto residential treatment facility is accused of having sex with three of her teenage students.

Pamela Leone Jones, 35, was arrested early Wednesday by U.S. Marshals after officials said she had sex with three of her 16-year-old male students at the Athletes for Change facility.

The accusation comes one day after Jones was arrested and bonded out of jail on two charges of sexual assault of a child.

Dennis DeVaughn, the founder and president of Athletes for Change, the residential treatment facility where Jones taught English to the boys, said initially the third accuser lied and denied having a sexual relationship with Jones. He feared he would have to return to jail or prison for being involved with her.

All 14 boys at Athletes for Change are between 13 and17 years old and are court ordered to be there. Most, according to DeVaughn, have emotional, behavioral or other problems that cause aggression and in many cases require medication.

DeVaughn said some of the boys have been past victims of sexual abuse making the allegations against Jones all the more offensive. In each case, DeVaughn said the boys were nearing the end of their 6-month treatment and permitted to be at home under supervision of parents and probation officers. 

The alleged offenses are said to have taken place off campus in April and May of this year.

The most recent accuser said he met Jones at a restaurant and they eventually went to a hotel for sex. The first accuser said Jones picked him up at his Aunt’s home and they had sex in Jones’ car, and another student says he and a 19-year-old boy had sex with Jones at her home.

"Obviously she did a very good job neither one of the boys knew that she was with either one of them,” said DeVaughn, who believes Jones targeted the boys because she knew they would be off campus and away from other supervisors. “We only had three kids to have passes because they were about to complete the program and these guys were completing the program successfully."

As Dallas police begin their investigation of the third accusers disclosure, the investigation could be widening against Jones in other areas.

DeVaughn and his attorney, Geoff Henley, released a copy of Jones’ resume publicly. It showedthat from 2007 to 2009 she was a teacher in the Dallas Independent School District at Carter High School and prior to that at several schools in Hawaii.

DeVaughn confirms that Jones had only been working at Athletes for Change since January, about 5 months, and is concerned that if three students in that time period were involved with Jones sexually, then could there be more?

DeVaughn said it was Jones’ husband who alerted him that his wife had been sexually active with students, after his own children had told him that boys had been in their home, in their bedroom.

DeVaughn said initially he didn’t know if it was just a family problem and a vindictive husband trying to cause problems for his wife, but said Jones abruptly resigned her position just before her husband made the disclosure. 

While Jones worked with students enrolled in the DeSoto Independent School District, she was not employed by the district and did not work on a DeSoto ISD campus.

DeSoto ISD has a working relationship with Athletes for Change — a residential treatment facility in Glenn Heights.

That said, they are solely responsible for their employees. The students and staff in their charge do not attend school or work on DeSoto ISD campuses. They remain at the facility for the duration of their treatment. The accused does not, and has not, worked directly for DeSoto ISD.

We, as the boundary ISD, pay for the faculty hired by Athletes for Change that educate the students, boys age 13-17, at the residential treatment facility.

We are disheartened at the accusations against one of their employees. Said behavior is not tolerated by ANY DeSoto ISD employee, or affiliate.

Dr. David C. Harris
DeSoto ISD Superintendent

Athletes for Change is a treatment facility started and supported by former NFL players "to improve the lives of troubled teens in the juvenile system," according to a statement on their website.

Jones has no prior known arrest record. She is currently free, after bonding out of Lew Sterrett jail.

NBC 5's Randy McIIwain and Holley Ford contributed to this report.

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