Teacher and Long Time Fan Decorates Her Classroom In Honor of Texas Rangers

One Super fan loves the Texas Rangers and Globe Life Park so much she's turned her classroom into a shrine to the team.

Inside Lois Lindsey Elementary School in McKinney is a classroom like no other.

"So this is the entrance of my classroom," teacher Theresa Nolte said.

Nolte is a life long fan of the Texas Rangers. So now she has decorated her classroom with memorabilia. Some she collected. Other items have been donated by her students and other teachers.

She grew up going to the games with her father. Now she and her husband are sharing that passion with their own children.

"There's so many memories there that are priceless that we've made with our kids," Nolte said.

Like spending 11 hours at the park for a rain delayed game. Or watching a pennant race game on the stadium big screen with Rangers players during the pennant chase of 2011.

"The players came back on the field and a lot of their kids and they all came out on the field," her husband Mitch Nolte said. "They started selling beer again and we all just kind of hung out until 12 or 1 in the morning for a west coast game."

Nolte even has ballpark chairs from the old stadium in her classroom.

"They sat on our back porch for years just doing nothing," Mitch Nolte said. "My wife finally said hey I'll take them to school and use them at school. I said that's great idea."

So the Noltes are going to hate saying goodbye to Globe Life Park in Arlington.

"I'm a little sad," Theresa said. "We spend a lot of time there. It's kind of like our second home. I feel like we are there all the time.

But they're excited for what the new stadium will provide and already have their seats reserved.

"A little more expensive," Mitch said.  "Just about in the same place. So should be great seats. At least we won't be sitting in 102 degree weather."

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