80 TCU Students Sick With Flu

At least 80 Texas Christian University students are sick with flu-like symptoms -- a figure the student newspaper says has skyrocketed in just a few days.

The Fort Worth university posted a statement Monday on its Web site indicating at least 10 students were sick with the H1N1 virus. Health officials for the university said they stopped testing for H1N1 after the first 24 cases and are unsure of the exact number infected.

The campus is not being closed and no classes have been canceled, but TCU is now taking numerous precautions to prevent the virus from spreading any further including asking students that have flu-like symptoms to stay home.

TCU Vice Chancellor Don Mills told CBS 11 that arrangements had been made for the students to have their food delivered to them in the residence halls. The University also recently posted an informational H1N1/swine flu page on its Web site.

"This is a very mild case of the flu that people are getting," Mills told the DailySkiff. "Most people are well in two to four days."

"It really isn't unexpected," Tarrant County health director Dr. Sandra Parker tells CBS 11. "Once a large population gets back together, we expected we would see additional flu-like cases."

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