Tattoo Shops Allowed in The Colony for First Time

City Council approves ordinance

A North Texas city is opening its doors to tattoo and body art shops.

Jason Euler, known as Dru Bias in the tattoo world, worked with The Colony City Council for several months to pass an ordinance that allows tattoo shops, body art studios and permanent cosmetics.

"I was surprised that they had such strict restrictions on it," he said.

Mike Joyce, director of the city's development services, said the issue had never come up before.

"In the last 10 to 15 years, tattooing has become popular in the younger generation," he said.

Euler plans to relocate his business from Carrollton to The Colony.

"I'm hoping to expose The Colony to a higher caliber of tattoo that they have never seen before," he said.

Joyce said tattoo shops must get a specific use permit, and that the city would have restrictions on where they can open.

The decision to allow tattoo shops in their backyards divides residents.
"A lot of families are here, but there [are] a lot of teenagers as well, trying to get tattoos," resident Victor Rodriguez said.

Steve Howard, another resident, said he thinks the move is the wrong direction for The Colony.

"You've got [State Highway] 121 out here. They can do that kind of thing out there on 121," he said. "They don't have to do it in the interior of The Colony."

Despite some opposition, artists such as Euler hope for a warm welcome.

"It's a complete and total fresh start, and I am really excited about it," he said. "I hope they welcome me with open arms. We'll see."

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