Taser Training Puts Wylie Officers on Receiving End of Stun Gun

City recently purchased 51 stun guns

Wylie police officers finished up some "shocking" training on Friday morning as part of their certification to use Tasers.

The city recently approved its first purchase of 51 Taser X26s, something some senior officers called "a long time coming."

Sgt. Donna Valdepena said the stun guns are documented to show a decrease in on-the-job injuries to officers, as well as suspects because they prevent hand-to-hand struggles.

"Using a Taser, you don't have to go hands-on," she said. "You don't have to put yourself at risk of getting injured."

But Valdepena said going through the voluntary shock demonstration was "probably the longest five seconds" of her life.

"It does totally incapacitate your body for those five seconds," she said.

Patrol Lt. Anthony Henderson echoed the sentiment.

"It feels like a really large cramp," he said. "Your entire body cramps up; you can't move."

Henderson said he and other officers felt it was necessary to experience being stunned.

"We're able to say, 'Yes, we have been through that,' and we know what it could do to benefit us, and we also know what it could do to hinder us if it was used against us," he said.

But Henderson also added that it wasn't something he wanted to go through again.

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