Fort Worth

Tarrant County Constable Injured After Crash in Fort Worth

A Tarrant County constable was struck by another vehicle while inside his car on Monday morning

A Tarrant County constable is hospitalized for a minor injury after a crash in Fort Worth Monday morning.

Fort Worth Police and Fire Departments responded to the crash at the intersection of East 7th Street and Jones Street in Downtown Fort Worth at about 1:45 a.m.

According to police, a Tarrant County constable parked, working an off-duty job blocking traffic for construction crews on East 7th Street, when he was struck by another vehicle.

The driver that hit the constable, who was in his personal vehicle, stopped for a brief moment before driving away.

The license plate from the hit-and-run driver's vehicle was recorded and investigators have an idea about the driver's identity.

The officer was not seriously injured, but he was transported to the hospital for neck pain and further evaluation.

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