Tarrant County Firefighters Headed to Central Texas Wildfire

Firefighters from Tarrant County mobilized in a Hurst parking lot Monday evening to head into battle in Central Texas.

“We are headed to Bastrop,” said Deputy Chief Darrell Brown.

The monstrous Bastrop fire is one of dozens firefighters are battling across the rain-starved state.

“We could be diverted on the way,” said Bown. “There’s been a lot of fires blow up today and its quite possible we get diverted on our way.”
The Northeast Tarrant County strike team is made up of firefighters from five fire departments: Trophy Club, Grapevine, Richland Hills, Southlake and Hurst. The team of 11 firefighters doesn't know how long they'll stay or what exactly they'll be doing. One thing is for certain, Brown said, “It’s an opportunity for us to go help the citizens who are being devastated by these fires.”
Tarrant county's Fire Marshall said it’s important to make sure Tarrant is covered, too. Fort Worth fire brought in 15 extra people Monday to staff the city's brush trucks, so they could respond immediately to any fires that sparked up.

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