Fort Worth

Tarrant County Drenched With Sunday Showers

Tarrant County residents braced for heavy storms, wet roads, and grey skies Sunday as rain drenched parts of Fort Worth and Arlington.

Despite the rain, families we spoke to continued to get out and run errands.

"I woke up a few times because of thunder and lightning. My backyard is pretty flooded," said Andrew Renz who dodged rain drops as he ran inside of Albertson's Grocery Store. "We're trying to prepare for a backyard wedding next. Even though its raining we still have errands to run. We just have to hurry and make a run for it back to the car."

"I can't deal with umbrellas," said Rebecca Trainowski.

The Arlington resident said she is always prepared thanks to her husband who is a "forever" Boy Scout.

"You just need to make sure you have good rain gear, dry feet, and you're good to go," said Trainowski.

In Fort Worth, the weather caused drivers to slow down and hit the breaks after slick roads caused several collisions off 820 near Sun Valley. At about 8 a.m., a two-car crash caused police officers and firefighters to shut down the highway. A third driver hit the fire truck.

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