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Tarrant Area Food Bank In Need of More Volunteers

National Guard troops who helped at height of pandemic are gone

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The Tarrant Area Food Bank is known for providing help to needy families, but now the nonprofit is finding itself in need of help. It’s short of volunteers.

"If we could get people to come and support and be able to roll up their sleeves and be an advocate for families in need, that's what we really need right now,” said TAFB executive vice president Shagranda Traveler.

Wednesday night outside Clark Stadium, on a parking lot usually used for high school football games, people showed up hours early -- for free food.

Mike Crow, who retired after 35 years at a fabric company, volunteered.

He helped direct traffic dressed in a reflective yellow vest and carrying a flashlight and walkie-talkie.

"Statue of Liberty,” he joked. “Everybody likes my yellow light."

At the front of the line, a small army of other volunteers load boxes of food into cars for families who need it.

"It really helps out,” Ray Logan said. I got three little ones at the house plus a big one. So it really helps us out quite a bit."

Crow said he gets a lot of satisfaction out of the work.

"I get a good night's sleep," he said. "I feel like you've got a purpose when you help out a little bit."

At the height of the pandemic, national guard troops helped out.

But they're gone now.

It's up to volunteers like Mike Crow to keep things going.

"I think they could always use volunteers,” Crow said. “I don't think they've ever turned a volunteer away."

Another large food giveaway is planned for Thursday night at Dickies Arena.

Anyone interested in volunteering can sign up on the Tarrant Area Food Bank’s website.

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