Taking the Dog to Dinner

Ginger Man places 4th on national dog-friendly restaurant list

by Bruce Felps

Dog-people know the best places in their neighborhoods to grab a bite or quaff a pint or two with the dog along for the outing.

Now, thanks to NBC property Petside.com, we know the best restaurants nationwide to take the dog out for a date.

According to an e-mail message from Petside.com editorial assistant Ryan Karpusiewicz — to whom I would refer only as Ryan — the staff looked at “restaurant reviews, the overall environment of a restaurant, the restaurant’s theme, the restaurant's mission, and the restaurant's overall dedication to both human and animal service” to compile the “Top 10 Pet Friendly Restaurants of 2011” list.

In all the U.S. and A., Dallas’ Ginger Man placed fourth on the list.

Calling it a restaurant, though, might be a bit of a stretch. I’ve been plenty of times — with and without canine — and honestly don’t remember if they serve food or not. Oh, right, they do.

I know a few other dog-friendly joints in East Dallas, and certainly plenty of fine eating and imbibing establishments across the D-FW area also cater to dogs and their humans. Hit up the comments section and plug your favorite.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. His most dearly departed big man, Hunter, would not have done on a restaurant patio.

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