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Take Steps to Protect Your Belongings Before Hiring Movers

All licensed movers carry a basic liability of sixty cents per pound of items lost

Lyndzee Torr was making a simple move from Denton to Allen.

“I filled out a Google search, you know, affordable movers, and I don't remember the exact search that I did, but it came back with a few different kinds of moving companies that would give me quotes,” said Torr.

She went with the cheapest company without doing much research on them or what was promised in her contract. As you can imagine, things didn't go well.

“They scratched the floors of the old place, and it wasn't like just a surface scratch,” recalled Torr.

Not only that, she said when she got to her new home, her TV no longer worked. When you fire it up you can see the cracks.

“I definitely came out losing money 'cause the first couple days I couldn't watch TV. I'm paying for cable I can't use. Thankfully, I did have a smaller TV, but I really did like that TV,” said Torr.

Here's the problem. Torr did not take out insurance for her move. She says she wasn't offered any, but that doesn't mean you're covered.

All licensed movers carry a basic liability of sixty cents per pound of items lost. Her TV is sixteen pounds, so she's owed about $9.60 for the broken TV.

Insurance for a move is out there. You can research policies online and often times get a good quote with your auto or home insurance company. State Farm, Geico and Allstate all offer moving insurance.

Tips to remember:

• Always supervise the packing and wrapping of your items.
• If you don't think something like your TV or your mom's antique cabinet are getting the right attention, speak up.
• Explain the care and ask for better.
• You may want to pack anything extra fragile or valuable and move it yourself.

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