‘Take Back Oak Lawn' Premieres in Dallas Thursday

Violence, mystery and discrimination are not uncommon plotlines for a Hollywood movie, but there is a very true story with these elements in a film about North Texas.

A short film titled "Take Back Oak Lawn" premieres Thursday night at the USA Film Festival at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas.

The film is produced by 50-year-old Dallas marketing manager Steven Pomerantz, for whom making movies is a hobby. He said he wanted to do something after several attacks happened in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas over the past year.

Pomerantz focused part of the film on a victim named Michael Dominguez, a survivor who was stabbed during an attack.

The project took about six months to make and focuses on taking action during a time of fear and violence.

"I decided I needed to do something to help and contribute to this whole thing and the only thing I knew what to do is something creative which was film a movie about everything," said Pomerantz.

More attacks happened after the film project started. Dallas police currently have 14 open cases into physical assaults and robberies in Oak Lawn, many of the victims being LGBT.

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