Take a Bow, Dallas: We are Bon Appetit's 2019 Restaurant City of the Year

In a year that has seen Dallas -- and Texas in general -- grow increasingly prominent on the national food scene, the city has picked up its greatest accolade so far.

Today, Bon Appetit named Dallas its 2019 Restaurant City of the Year in a story that declares (with a bit of a wince): "Texas' oft-skipped food destination is no longer skippable." Past winners include Portland, Maine (2018), Chicago (2017), Washington, D.C. (2016) and San Francisco (2015).

Deputy editor Julia Kramer picked Dallas after visiting more than 200 restaurants in 34 cities across the country, seeking a place with an expansive dining scene that's defining itself through food in a way it hasn't before. Dallas, she said in an effusive email on Wednesday, is finally shaking off its reputation as a "one-note, big-box, steakhouse town."

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