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Tales from the Trail: Criss-Crossing South Carolina

Working without snow makes things so much easier. We have really been able to get around South Carolina, and as a bonus, Friday was a sunny, beautiful day.

Julie Fine
Julie Fine and photographer Mike Heimbuch in South Carolina.

My partner on this journey is NBC 5 photographer Mike Heimbuch.

The man is impeccable with directions, oh, and a great photojournalist. He's very calm and will always take me to get a coffee.

We try to focus on Texas during the trips, so on Friday we stopped by Sen. Ted Cruz's headquarters in Greenville to meet some Texas volunteers. They said they are doing this because they believe in Cruz and think he is the most conservative candidate in the race.

Sondra Ziegler, from Lubbock, whom we also talked to in Iowa, was out with a group knocking on doors. They hoped to get to 400 homes by the end of the day. She said she has met some undecided voters, with the primary just a day away.

Julie Fine
Former first lady Barbara Bush, center

From there, we headed to an event for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. He is on the road with his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, and she gets a huge reaction from the crowd.

Bush is fourth in most polls right now, but seemed very positive Friday.

Cruz was holding a rally Friday night with Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

And Saturday, it is off to Columbia. That is where Cruz will be watching the election results.

Texas Ted Cruz supporters pack the house for the South Carolina Primary.
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