T-Shirts Sold to Raise Funds for Fallen Dallas Officers

Versa Printing partnered with various Dallas organizations to create T-shirts to raise funds for the fallen officers during Thursday's protest shootings.

Versa officials said 100 percent of the funds from T-shirt sales will benefit Dallas Police Department and Dallas Area Rapid Transit fallen officers.

Shirts can be purchased online at www.versatees.com/dpd or in person at the Versa offices at 2631 Brenner Drive in Dallas weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The shirts will also be Sunday sold at Choma Sundays in Dallas at 3920 Rosemeade Pkwy.

Online: Pray for Dallas T-Shirts [[386295941,C]]

Another shirt is being sold by AmericanViking on Shopify. All of proceeds from sales of the shirt will be donated to the families of the fallen officers.

Online: Texas Love Blue Line Tee [[386318301,C]]

Thin Blue Line USA is selling a T-shirt for $19.99, with all proceeds being donated to the families of fallen Dallas officers.

Online: Stand With Dallas T-Shirt

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