‘Synergy' Inspires Upcoming Pegasus Contemporary Ballet Company Performance

'Synergy, Dallas Music in Motion' is the title of an upcoming show with the Pegasus Contemporary Ballet Company; it combines dance and live music on the stage.

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Art can be unexpected. Ballet isn't all tutus and Tchaikovsky. Electronic music isn't just for the club. When the two are combined, you have one of the pieces featured in Pegasus Contemporary Ballet Company's 'Synergy, Dallas Music in Motion' performance.

"I like to think of the musicians not as accompaniment, but as co-performers," Pegasus Contemporary Ballet Company Artistic Director and Founder Diana Crowder said. "We have such a vibrant live music scene here in Dallas and I wanted to dive into it."

The relatively new company is in its second season. Their upcoming performance features three Dallas-based musicians performing live on stage with the dancers.

"When I'm at the studio creating music this is how I do it, but I never play it live with the dancers around me...it's gonna be great," music producer Elkin Pautt said. "It's so, like, bringing it back to life!"

Pautt will be center stage creating his electronic music while dancers on toe shoes jump and turn around him.

"Both the dancers and the music are in synergy, which is where the title of the show comes from," Crowder explained. "I really love the idea of having him be at the center of what the dancers are creating."

"Having the dancers moving their bodies around me, it makes it like there's another instrument," Pautt said. "I feel the combination of everything...this is just art, more than specifically just this is music, this is dance, it's just art."

Pegasus Contemporary Ballet Company's performance of 'Synergy, Dallas Music in Motion' will be a Moody Performance Hall March 31 and April 1.

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