Sylvester Stallone Auctions Iconic Movie Items

Sylvester Stallone is parting with some of his most iconic movie items and Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas is handling the auction.

Stallone realized all the items from his movies had been wrapped up and preserved meticulously and decided to auction the pieces.

"He's at a point now where he thought -- 'you know, it'd be a good idea to kind of share these with the fans and with the collectors out there, so why not put them up for auction?'" said Mike Gutierrez with Heritage Auctions.

Stallone handed over more than 1,400 items and about 850 lots will be up for auction.

Heritage Auction Galleries has about two dozen items on display ahead of the auction.

The auction items can be viewed this weekend at the Design District Annex on Slocum Street in Dallas.

Rocky Balboa's leather jacket from "Rocky" as well as Stallone's handwritten script, Rocky's boxing gloves and the title belt from Rocky 2 will go to the highest bidder.

There's also John Rambo's army jacket from "First Blood" and a "Judge Dredd" costume.

The auction will take place Dec. 18 and 19 at the Hyatt Regency in Beverly Hills.

"He's going to show up for the auction, that's wonderful, this is the first time ever for an actor of that caliber to be involved," said Gutierrez.

Stallone is giving a portion of the proceeds to charity.

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