SXSW Digital Finds: Free Downloads, Skip Bar Lines

The interactive leg of SXSW may be over, but music-goers are buzzing about what online is making their lives easier.

Here are a couple new digital features that could change how you find new music, and listen to it live:

  • Now here's an idea. Download songs for free, and musicians still get paid when you do. In fact, they even get paid when you don't. New Groove Music is creating pages for unsigned indie artists who agree to have their songs available for free download in exchange for a cut of the advertising revenue generated by how many clicks their page gets.
  • TabbedOut: When you're ready to go, you're ready. No one wants to wait in line at a concert to tab out when it’s swarming with people angling for more drinks. But with this new iPhone app, available for download at the iTunes store, you can close your tab by credit card from your phone. The download is free, as are the first three uses.
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